I am going to reveal Sway Seduction…
A proven system to attract, meet, and seduce women online.

Note; however, this system will not be publicly available for long. I simply cannot hold back the men I have already shared this system with from “pounding on my door” begging me to stop sharing this with other people so they can hog all the women out there for themselves.

For now though, I can still share this system with you. But before you spend your time reading about my system and how it works, ask yourself:




  • You are frustrated with online dating
  • Your profile gets very little views and women almost never message you first
  • You write women messages but they never respond
  • You believe you are too short, bald, or ugly to succeed online
  • You think only good looking guys can get dates online
  • Only ugly girls respond to your messages
  • You can never seem to get their number or get them on a date
  • You get a few dates here and there but they almost never amount to anything

If anyone of the above sounds like you, then you should definitely keep reading, because my system is designed for people like you. How do I know? I know because I used to be just like you. I am average looking, short, and have been losing my hair for the past decade. When I started online dating nearly a decade ago, I hardly got any messages from women and when I wrote them first, they rarely responded. If I was lucky enough to get a date, it probably went badly.


Fast forward to after my discoveries:


I usually get several messages a day without me having to do anything. I regularly go on 4 *or more* dates a week, all with different women. I have met several girlfriends online. I have slept with countless others (usually on the very first date). And I accomplished all of this despite growing older, balder, and worse looking!


So how does this system work?


My system is a three part system that focuses on the three critical components of online dating, the profile, messaging, and dating. One of the biggest mistakes many online daters make is underestimating the importance of a great profile. A great profile is critical to your success online. So many online daters are worried about what to message and how to start a conversation, but the reality is a great profile can TURN THE NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS AROUND and have WOMEN CONTACTING YOU FIRST on a REGULAR BASIS.

My system will show you how to develop the ultimate profile, the “holy grail” of profiles so to speak. I will show you how to create profiles that catch women’s eyes in an instant. I will show you how to create


“The Best Profile Ever”


The profiles I will show you how to construct in my system are unlike anything else out there. They will get you more views, more messages, more responses, and more dates, virtually guaranteed. I know this because they have for me and others I have helped; and I know the profiles in my system are unique because HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of WOMEN HAVE TOLD ME SO THEMSELVES. “Best Profile Ever” isn’t a claim I am making, it is what several women have told me directly! And that is not all I have heard about my profiles: “Unique”, “Creative”, “Amazing” etc. all come to mind.


But don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself:

 "Best Profile I’ve ever read"


She said it, not me!

"Had to Write… Best Profile Yet!"


With a great profile, getting women to write you first becomes easy.

"So witty, unique, and creative."


I assure you she doesn’t copy paste this to everyone.

Get her number with the very first message she sends.


The blurred out blue is her number. This was the first message she sent me. I had never contacted, winked, or even viewed her profile before this message.

"What a fantastic profile"


Women love humor and wit.

"Most unique profile I’ve read"


The profiles in Sway Seduction are unlike other profiles women have seen.

Those are just a small sample of the type of messages I get, on a regular basis. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands more just like these. With a great profile, the question isn’t how to get more women to message you; it’s how to HANDLE ALL THE WOMEN WHO MESSAGE YOU!


But there’s more.


Not only will I reveal the profiles I have used to meet, date, and sleep with countless women, I will teach you the theory behind the profiles. I will show you why they work, and how you can create an unlimited supply of equally effective profiles! And to top it off, my profile ideas and techniques work even if you are short, average or below average looking, out of shape, bald, or old! What makes these profiles great, what makes my profiles attract women AT A GLANCE are the words in them, not the pictures. I know this because I am average looking, short, and have been losing my hair for the past ten years!


There’s more to it than just a great profile.


A great profile is critical to your success, but a profile alone is not going to arrange a date for you! Also, even the best profiles will not get every woman online to write you first, so you still need to know how to start a conversation. Before I get into how to properly message, I need to ask you a few questions:


  • Do you wear a ski jacket in the desert?
  • Do you take an airplane to the supermarket?
  • Do you put ketchup on ice cream?


I hope that you answered No to all of these questions. Clearly, you wouldn’t wear a ski jacket in 100 degree weather. Clearly, if you were going a mile from your house you wouldn’t book a flight. Clearly, even if you love ketchup as much as I do, you wouldn’t put it on your ice cream.


So then why send the same message every time?


Nothing frustrates me more than the thousands of men who ask “What is the best Opener”, or “How should I start a conversation with a girl online” or “What should I copy paste 1000 women”? Trying to find one message to write all women is like wearing a ski jacket to the beach or trying to take an airplane for a spin around the block. It makes no sense! And the worst part is, it hardly even saves any time.

With my system, I will show you how to write a specially tailored message for each individual woman. I will show you how to identify and capitalize on hooks in her profile that she consciously or even subconsciously left for you to charm her. I will show you how to write her the message she is just waiting for a guy to finally say. And I will show you that you can come up with highly effective, individualized openers in a matter of SECONDS! It is EASY, because there is only one crucial component necessary for an effective opener, and it is almost impossible for that component to be present in a “canned” opener.


Don’t become a pen pal ever again.


So you made it past the first message and got a response. Maybe you have had many responses. Yet for some reason, you always seem to end up in the “Pen Pal Zone”, the online dating equivalent of the “Friend Zone”. You exchange five, ten, maybe even twenty messages back and forth for the conversation to just fizzle out and die, or even worse, continue but never result in an actual date!

My system virtually guarantees that you will NEVER fall into the pen pal zone. Even better, I will show you a secret “one-two punch” that almost always leads to a number and a date in as little as TWO MESSAGES. That’s right, I will show you how to get a girls number online in as little as two messages. And I will show you how to do it WITHOUT EVEN ASKING FOR HER NUMBER. You read correctly: I will show you how to have women giving you their number, in as little as two messages, without you even asking for it.


And if you run into trouble?


Don’t worry about it, my system has you covered with tested messages to handle a variety of common issues you may have experienced in the past such as:


  • “I’m too young/old for you”
  • “You live too far away”
  • “I don’t just want to give my number out”
  • And more…


No longer will you have to worry about whether or not you are getting her on date or getting stuck in the pen pal zone.


Dates never go anywhere?


My system doesn’t stop at online interaction. After all, what good is getting a bunch of dates online if none of them amount to anything? I won’t stop at getting a woman’s number or getting her out on a date, I will show how to turn dates into successful dates. I will show you how to have dates that lead to second dates, third dates, sex, relationships, and even marriage. As a matter of fact, I regularly sleep with women on the very first date, and there is little to no reason you cannot do the same.


So why do so many dates fail?


So many dates fail for most men because there is no cohesion. There is no cohesion between their profile, their messaging, their date, and their behavior in real life. My system is designed from the ground up for SUCCESSFUL DATES, not just getting women’s numbers or getting them to agree to go out with you. I will show you many dating techniques and tricks in earlier sections geared towards having successful dates. Many of these techniques will surprise you, or even SHOCK YOU, but I promise you, they WORK.



At this stage, you are probably wondering if this system REALLY WORKS?


I don’t blame you, there is a lot of BS out there and I would be skeptical if I were in your shoes.
Now, I could show you testimonial after testimonial here. I could tell you how Jack L said “This should be required reading for anyone who wants to find success in online dating.” or I could tell you how Tom P said “After making some simple changes I was able to attract a lot more attention to my profile without resorting to bold faced lying!”, or whatever.

I could go on, and on, and on with testimonials and great reviews of my system. But what I am going to do is do you one better. I am going to guarantee my system, for 60 days. This means that if my system doesn’t work for you, let me know within 60 days and I will refund you 100% of the purchase price. That’s right, if you are unhappy with my system, for ANY REASON, let me know within 60 days and you can return it for a FULL REFUND. With a guarantee like that, I’d have to be crazy to waste my time offering you a system that doesn’t actually work. And I’m not crazy!


How much does it cost and do I get anything else?


My system is available in one download of a 258 page e-book. If you purchase your copy right now, the cost to you is only $47. (Don’t forget the 60 day 100% money back guarantee) That works out to less than $1/week for a year. In other words, it costs virtually nothing. But if that wasn’t enough…

Included in the guide is a special BONUS SECTION: A CRASH COURSE IN LIVE PICKUP

Do you need a refresher or perhaps a tutorial on how to seduce women in general? Do you want to know the FUNDAMENTAL THEOREM OF ATTRACTION: the theorem that dictates how to attract women and is the basis for almost all types of seduction? This bonus section, included free of charge, will bring your general game with women up to speed in no time.


And there is even more.


If you purchase Sway Seduction *TODAY* you will enjoy UNPRECEDENTED ACCESS to me throughout your entire journey with women. I am here for you, to help you, and guide you to personally ensure that you are getting the most out of my system and getting as many women as you possibly can.

So there you have it. If you want a complete system that will elevate your online game to the next level; a system that will get you more views, more numbers, more dates, and more sex, then you have come to the right place. You will get all of that, and more, for the low price of $47 with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee to boot. Hurry up and order now though, because as I said in the beginning of this page, this product will not be available for long. There is only so long I can make this product publicly available without a backlash from those I have already helped wanting to stop me from sharing these powerful techniques with their competition!

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